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“Rail Gun” update 31 Jan 2008 @ 15:56

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As we mentioned one week ago in this post, FOXNews is reporting on their website that the Navy has released photos and a few details of one of the first tests of the new rail gun.

In the demonstration Thursday, engineers fired the electromagnetic railgun at what they said was a record power level: 10 megajoules.

Good job boys, that’s at 31.25% of full capacity. Time to go full power!!!!

On the bright side, here is a video of the test firing.

More news on this when it’s available.

Sorry, it was us…we did it 31 Jan 2008 @ 15:32

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Given that the Stephenville UFO story isn’t going away……I have been given permission by my superiors to make the following statement:

Sorry, it was us….we did it

The latest conjecture is that the Air Force and McDonnell Douglas’ "SkunkWorks" are flight testing the next generation replacement for the U-2 or even the next stealth bomber to replace the B-2. As noted in the article linked above, Trisha Choate from the Abilene Reporternews continues with this:

"For national security reasons, of course, they’re disinclined to tell us about it," said Michael Shermer, executive director of the Skeptics Society and editor of Skeptic magazine.

Yes, I am aware of the implications that the above statement is NOT earth-shattering news. But what is news is that a skeptic is ACTUALLY pointing out a known FACT.

Among the possibilities: The government is conducting a campaign of disinformation, spreading UFO stories to cover up the truth, which is out there.

Paging FBI Agent Mulder, Agent Fox Mulder. White Courtesy phone.

In an about-face, the military said 10 F-16s from the 301st Fighter Wing at Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base were on a training mission Jan. 8 in an area including Erath County.

Maj. Carl Lewis, a fighter wing spokesman, said it was just a mistake when he first told reporters the base had no planes in the sky that day.

I will say this one more time.

Sorry, it was us…we did it.


The day in review 30 Jan 2008 @ 18:07

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Here’s a quick rundown of this busy day:

And finally:


Bye Bye Network Congestion 29 Jan 2008 @ 11:45

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God Bless the folks over at Cisco.  Their new "Nexus 7000" data center switch certainly appears to be able to bring about the end to the aggravating beast known as "network congestion". If this article turns out to be true, then bye bye congestion.

Cisco Systems Inc. introduced on Monday a new data-center switch that the company says can copy all the searchable data on the Internet in less than eight minutes, or run 5 million concurrent high-quality video conferences between New York and San Francisco.

See what I mean??

If you think those numbers are crazy, look at these:

Cisco says that the new data-center switch would be able to copy all the searchable data on the Internet in 7.5 minutes, download Wikipedia’s database in 10 milliseconds or download 90,000 Netflix movies in less than 40 seconds. It also can run 5 million concurrent transcontinental video conferences using the company’s Telepresence Collaboration systems, a company spokeswoman said.

I WANT that sort of power in my house….NOW!!! But I’m afraid I’d have to get the 100Mbps fiber optic service that Verizon offers to even think about having a switch like that to use. None the less though, ISPs need to seriously consider getting this switch when it is released later this year.


They are gonna what???? 28 Jan 2008 @ 13:15

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So some frozen brain Demonscum has this idea that he wants the whole town to approve.

This one should die a quick death.

Brattleboro residents will vote at town meeting on whether President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should be indicted and arrested for war crimes, perjury or obstruction of justice if they ever step foot in Vermont.

What in the name of sanity??

I knew the frozen brain part was true (the byline is out of Vermont no less), but this nutcase needs to be immediately escorted to Arkham Asylum.

Kurt Daims, 54, of Brattleboro, the organizer of the petition drive, said Friday the debate to get the issue on the ballot was a good one. Opposition to the vote focused on whether the town had any power to endorse the matter.

Uhhh, burly, bouncer-type boys in white, please detain Kurt and promptly escort him and any other nutcases spouting off like garbage to the Maximum Security Wing of Arkham. Use of glow rods is permitted, and indeed REQUESTED. And IFthe town council should happen to approve this lunacy, they also should be handled in a non-polite manner to Arkham as well.

Daims said the most grievous crime committed by Bush and Cheney was perjury – lying to Congress and U.S. citizens about the basis of a war in Iraq.

Hey Kurt, get your information from a source other than the Lapdog Whacko Media outlet that you goobers in the Demonscum party call "reliable". Oh not to mention, some of us reasonably intelligent, free thinking folks here in "Flyover County" would call what you’re attempting T-R-E-A-S-O-N. Which is still punishable by death.

Warm up the capacitors boys. We’re gonna get a couple of real winners here soon!!!

The article asked the town attorney to "draft indictments against President Bush and Vice President Cheney for crimes against our Constitution and publish said indictments for consideration by other authorities."

And that there buddy can be interpreted as "inciting a riot" which is also punishable under the U.S. Penal Code. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. But do enjoy this nice consolation prize. A free, eight hour session of getting your balls TASERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Political Promises 26 Jan 2008 @ 21:26

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Truth in advertising

This one certainly passess all tests when it comes to the Truth in Advertising Act!!!

Weekend humor 26 Jan 2008 @ 11:11

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This one is too good to pass up and not post :))

Three men – a Canadian farmer, Osama bin Laden and a Texan are all working together one day.

They come across a lantern and a Genie pops out of it. 

I will give each on you one wish, which is three wishes in total,

says the Genie.

The Canadian says,

I am a farmer and my son will also farm.  I want the land to be forever fertile in Canada.

POOF! With the blink of the Genie’s eye, the land in Canada was forever fertile for farming.

Osama was amazed, so he said,

I want a wall around Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq and Iran so that no infidels, Americans or Canadians can come in our precious land.

POOF! Again, with the blink of the Genie’s eye, there was a huge wall around those countries.

The Texan says,

I am very curious. Please tell me more about this wall.

The Genie explains,

Well, it’s about 5,000 feet high, 500 feet thick and completely surrounds the countries. Nothing can get in or out; it’s virtually impenetrable.

The Texan sits down, cracks a beer, smiles, and says,

Fill it with water.

Additional updates completed on Early Warning Systems 26 Jan 2008 @ 01:16

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The folks in the Technical Department have informed me that the additional updates that they have been working on have been completed and are ready for real world use.

These updates were primarily back-side upgrades and as before there should not be any problems noticed on the front-side.

Stand by for more.

Firefox users listen up 24 Jan 2008 @ 16:18

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Just when you thought it was safe to troll in the WWW waters with Firefox, comes this article on TechRepublic about a new flaw that has the potential to cause problems reminiscent of IE.

Window Snyder, Mozilla’s chief of security confirmed a data leak vulnerability in Firefox’s directory traversal mechanism. The flaw has been graded as a low-risker and was brought to light as a proof of concept.

Wait, what?? (and Mozilla’s main security guru has a first name of &quotWindow"??????)

When a “flat” add-on is present, an extension which stores its information within Javascript files as opposed to .jar files, an attacker exploiting this flaw may be able to retrieve data or profile a compromised system. Extensions such as Greasemonkey and Download Statusbar may be affected.

Sounds rather IE-ish to me. At least they say it’s a low risk flaw…..

Check the TechRepublic article for links to the full report.

Return radar screens to normal scanning mode.

Navy “rail gun” closer to reality 24 Jan 2008 @ 15:25

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For true sci-fi fans, any mention of a real-world rail gun will draw an instant, slightly audible gasp.

{slightly audible gasp}

That’s the news that Miltary.com is reporting in this article from earlier this month.

The Marines, in particular, are interested in the potential for rail guns to deliver supporting fire from up to 220 miles away — around 10 times further than standard ship-mounted cannons — with rounds landing more quickly and with less advance warning than a volley of Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Looks like it’s time to get on the horn to the Naval Warfare Center and see about getting one of these babies for the base. Talk about a serious "anti-aircraft" weapon!!!!!!

…but providing 3 million amps of power per shot has been a limitation. At 32 megajoules, this new system appears to be the most powerful rail gun ever built…


Looks like the Science Department guys are gonna need to build a bigger matter/anti-matter converter sooner than they originally thought. That or else we’re going to have to "acquire" a certain little "Mr. Fusion" unit off of a certain DeLorean. Since that gem can provide the 1.21 jiggawatts of power for a time-machine, then three million amps should be a piece of cake.

More info DEFINITELY to come.