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Conservative Champion has passed 27 Feb 2008 @ 12:17

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Conservative champion William F Buckley, Jr. passed away today. He was 82.

Buckley certainly deserves many accolades for bringing the conservative movement from grassroots to the White House and the National Review will loose a superior asset for how true conservatism should work.

May He rest in peace.


China wants WHAT???? 21 Feb 2008 @ 13:21

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Seems China wants the data from our little satellite shootdown last night. Beijing is apparently itching to get the data from the shootdown.

Here’s our interpretation of what the JCS will recommend the State Department responds with:

Suck it you Communist wankers!

But hey, I might be speaking out of turn.   NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"China is continuously following closely the possible harm caused by the U.S. action to outer space security and relevant countries," spokesman Liu Jianchao said at a regularly scheduled news conference.

"China requests the U.S. … provide to the international community necessary information and relevant data in a timely and prompt way," Liu said.

Ummm, can you also say "Hell no" resoundingly? We thought you could.

China’s objections signal its skepticism over whether the satellite downing was truly necessary and unease over apparent U.S. mastery of a key military technology that Beijing is also pursuing. They also appear aimed at turning the tables on U.S. criticism of Beijing’s own shootdown of a defunct Chinese satellite last year.

No. China’s objections to the shootdown really is that we beat them to the successful proof of concept and the real-world situational proof the system works. Do they REALLY think the world should bow to their Communist Overlords just because they’re hosting the Olympics this year?

Hey Beijing, your policies on military superiority suck, your policies on treatment of your citizenry are total shiat, and…….NEENER NEENER NEENER, we beat you to the punch!!!

Better go back and re-read "The Art of War" one more time.

Oh nevermind, it won’t help anyway.


Say it ain’t so Sam…. 19 Feb 2008 @ 15:53

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OMG, it seems somebody has finally been bitten by the "obviousiti opportinus" bug over at the International Telecommunication Union. In an article from today from Breitbart, they finally get around to inferring that the cuts to the undersea cables providing Internet service to the mid-east

…could have been an act of sabotage

NHO WHAI???!?!?!?!?!?

So this is where all of our U.N dues are going to…….

Considering that most of us had that figured out within 24 hours of each of the four incidents where ships COULD NOT have been involved, the fact that it took the ITU nearly a MONTH to disclose this little piece of "trivia".

Guess it’s time to send out a Predator squadron to escort a "Clue Bus" over to the U.N building so those folks from the ITU can get on board.

StandBy&#153, cause I know Dismissed&#153 ain’t in order just yet for this one.

Daytona 500 Fiftieth Edition 17 Feb 2008 @ 19:01

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Well, we had hopes that Junior would sweep the races, but Ryan Newman and Kurt Busch and the Penske team had other ideas. They even stumped the voters on the poll too!

Oh well, there’s always next week.


This guy gets it! 14 Feb 2008 @ 15:23

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From the comic strip "Pluggers" for today.

Pluggers comic strip for February 14, 2008

(UPDATED) USMC 2 — Berserkely, CA 0 13 Feb 2008 @ 10:09

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Score ANOTHER one for the god guys!!!

Reports are coming in that the City Council over in Berserkely once again had their "attitudes" corrected and came to the conclusion that having a Marine Corp recruiting station in town is actually the right thing to do.

Councilwoman Linda Maio said the council opposes recruitment, not the military. "It’s behavior that we oppose, not the people," she said.

And Linda, it’s YOUR behavior that the entire clear thinking population of the United States who SUPPORT the troops and the war AND recruitment that will continue to VEHEMENTLY oppose and will do exactly what we’ve done in this instance. Maybe loosing a good chunk of federal funds from the city budget will CLUE YOU IN that your "behavior" is incorrect.

On Tuesday, more than 40 House Republican members asked President Bush to immediately rescind over $2 million in earmarks awarded to Berkeley.

Not good enough. And that money is just PORK anyway. Cut off ALL federal funds that are supposed to be directed to Berserkely (and Toledo, OH for that matter as well). Assinine decisions need to be corrected immediately (and brutally if the case requires it).

StandBy&#153 cause this issue looks like it’s going to continue.

UPDATE (1730 hrs): At least the Toledo mayor has the guts to admit he screwed up.

It’s not a good day when….. 12 Feb 2008 @ 12:40

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… this happens.

Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Better watch out next time you want to say "May God strike me with lightning if …", cause God Listens.

(UPDATED) They just don’t get it 12 Feb 2008 @ 11:47

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It seems the City Council of Berserkely, CA is not getting it. They’re meeting again tonight to vote again on whether they’re going to call U.S. Marine Corps recruiters "uninvited and unwelcome intruders," or not.

Code Pink activist Zanne Joi said her group is "supporting the troops by being against war and against recruiting."

Those people are "loco en la cabeza". The only way to PROPERLY support our troops is to support the war AND recruiting. Correction, the AMERICAN way to support our troops is to support the war AND recruiting. Until you whacko loonies who escaped from some sort of dope-smoking commune can get that in your skulls, we here will continue to refer to you as "Code Pinko".

"It’s because we care about these people that we are standing up against the war machine," Joi said.

THAT is a blantantly inflamatory LIE. Your agenda is clearly anti-military period. Hence why Cindy Shenanigan was so graciously welcomed into your Pinko Pond. The only thing you care about is being a nuisance.

At Tuesday night’s council meeting, Berkeley politicians will also consider measures that would condemn the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border as well as a request to Canadian leaders to grant sanctuary for U.S. war resisters.

Tell ya what, each and every City Council member that supports this lunacy should SEEK that sanctuary in Canada…..and not EVER set foot in this great county that is FREE today BECAUSE of the sacrifices made by the men and women of not only the United States Marine Corps, but also every other branch of military service in this country.

Not only should the city lose the funding from the state and federal governments, but each and every city resident who insists on supporting this barbaric measure needs to have their citizenship REVOKED and immediately escorted to the nearest federal border (or ocean (without a boat) which ever is closer). And that last part goes for not only the dope smokers in Berserkely but any other town, city, village, or incorporated area that chooses to pubic denounce ANY branch of the military. If you’re so ANTI-military then you have no right to be an American and you can just take yourself to some other country where freedom is just a pipe dream long forgotten and one that will never be seen by the light of day.


UPDATE (1705 hrs): Glenn Beck interviews reporter from Toledo, OH….cause it seems Toledo mayor is trying to follow Berserkeley’s lead.

Sending the 30-minute Alert Warning to my Attack Squadrons at this time.

USMC 1 — Berkeley, CA 0 7 Feb 2008 @ 17:47

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All of us here at the base are NOT surprised at this outcome. We are on the other hand mad that it took this long. But the result is what we wanted, and what we got.

Those dope smoking freakzoids in the Berkeley, CA city council cried "Uncle" once the Marines and their "army" of supporters decided to flex their governmental muscle.

As six Republican senators devised a plan to yank $2.3 million in federal funding for Berkeley programs, the mayor of the famously liberal city apologized Wednesday for his hard stance against a Marine recruiting center.

Bet that apology is going to leave a bad taste in his mouth for the rest of his mayoral term.

We can only hope it lasts for the rest of his life for trying to pull this stunt!

"That letter will probably be pulled back and maybe more moderate language will be put in place which is appropriate I think," said Berkeley mayor Tom Bates.

Better do more than "think" about it TOM. Camp Pendleton is a LOT CLOSER than you seem to be forgetting……

Last week the council passed resolutions giving Code Pink a place to park out front. Some have said that meant the city giving was giving the group a place to continuously protest the Marines.

"What we’re doing is we’re announcing a bill that we intend to get on the floor to strip transportation from the city of Berkeley," said East Bay Republican Assemblyman Guy Houston. "What they have done in Berkeley is they have set aside a parking spot and in my opinion a public right of way, a public transportation corridor, specifically for a private organization — in this case Code Pink — to harass and annoy the United States Marine Corps and their recruiting efforts. We think that playing around and having an agenda with the public right of way is subject to ramifications. There is $2.3 million in proposition 1B transportation dollars. We think that should be in jeopardy."

Well we think that the City Council building needs to be "re-zoned" as the new USMC "Urban Assault Combat Course". And more specifically, ensure that it is a "live fire" only combat course!!! That’ll teach those pinkos a few things about the "right of way"!!!!

StandBy&#153, because we’re sure there’s going to be more.

Romney bows out 7 Feb 2008 @ 12:03

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Well, it looks like the only person left on the GOP ticket for conservatives to rally for has decided to call it quits.

"If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror"

Can’t say that I could argue with that line of reasoning……

Romney’s final pitch was to label McCain a liberal like Clinton and Obama, a charge tantamount to heresy in the GOP. He was backed by conservative media voices like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

Hey Yahoo, you forgot Glenn Beck!

Okay, are conservative voters going to commit "voting suicide" or just choose "None of the Above"?

StandBy&#153 as this story is still developing.