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A Sci-Fi legend has… 18 Mar 2008 @ 15:49

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…passed into the etherium.

News has reached the base that Sci-Fi genius and legendary novelist Arthur C. Clarke has died, at the age of 90. This news will certainly cause fits for all Hal 9000 mainframe units, especially those installed in interplanetary spacecraft designed primarily to remain within our Solar System.

Jim and Dave could not be reached for comment, but it was rumored that Clarke’s last words were "My God, it’s full of stars!"

We here at the base will certainly mourn this loss, and the Science section as well as the R&D folks have asked for a pass to attend the funeral in Sri Lanka. Given the current security status, they might have to settle for a CCTV feed.


All you Prius freaks can well….. 17 Mar 2008 @ 14:08

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….suck it.

As this article from the Times Online shows, the Toyota Prius ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Seems the Germans still have a couple of tricks up their sleeves. Then again, when you note that BMW already has a diesel engine in it’s racing program for Formula Le Mans and the American SCCA series you get a good clue as to where the Germans are taking the technology from.

Here’s the raw numbers from the test for the BMW:

Model BMW 520d SE
Engine 1995cc, four cylinders
Power 177bhp @ 4000rpm
Torque 258 lb ft @ 1750rpm
Transmission Six-speed manual
Official fuel/CO2 55.4mpg / 136g/km
Performance 0-62mph: 8.3sec
Top speed 144mph
Road tax band C (£115, USD 193)
Price £27,190 (USD 45,701)
Fuel used on test 10.84 gallons (50.3mpg)
Fuel cost £54.19 (USD 91.08)(diesel)

Here’s the numbers for the Prius:

Model Toyota Prius T Spirit
Engine 1497cc, four cylinders
Electric motor 50kW/67bhp
Power 77bhp @ 5000rpm
Torque 295 lb ft (motor) 85 lb ft (engine)
Transmission CVT automatic
Official fuel/CO2 65.7mpg / 104g/km
Performance 0-62mph: 10.9sec
Top speed 106mph
Road tax band B (£15, USD 25, alternative fuel)
Price £20,677 (USD 34,754)
Fuel used on test 11.34 gallons (48.1mpg)
Fuel cost £54.64 (USD 91.84)(petrol)

As you can see, that’s nearly a full 2MPG better for the BMW even though the BMW engine is almost 500cc larger. Sure, it’s more expensive to buy than the Prius, but that less than £7,000 (USD 11,765) difference can easily be made up in fuel savings.

Suck it envirowhackos!!!!

She did what????? 12 Mar 2008 @ 23:02

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Someone please tell me that what I’m reading is true?

Cause I swear I’m suffering from a Fred Sanford-sized case of apoplexy!

Here’s why.

D@mn, seeing that Breitbart is also reporting it here, it must have an ounce of truth.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton did something Wednesday night that she almost never does. She apologized.

Someone go check the thermometer downstairs in Hell cause I’m betting they’re having a good case of global COOLING on the magnitude of something Minot, North Dakota would only dream of wishing on a Cannuckian.

Anyone who has followed my husband’s public life or my public life know very well where we have stood and what we have stood for and who we have stood with…

Wow, there are so many different places I can go with this quote isn’t just too much for one person to imagine.

{cut to the General’s office}

Lt. Kira Dhaxx (the General’s executive Operations officer): General, the Weather Squadron has reported that Hell has officially frozen over……..completely.

SGR: Yes, ell-tee I was just looking at that alert on my screen.

Lt. Dhaxx: Your orders sir?

SGR: Put in a call and see if they want any snow cone flavors shipped in….at a 500% mark up?

Lt. Dhaxx: Yes sir, that would be the Ferengi thing to do.

SGR: I realize that Lieutenant, but this is about making sure Hitlary gets a good dose of her own medicine. Has it been confirmed that Der Kaizer von Slickmeister was also part of the entourage?

Lt. Dhaxx: Not yet sir, but we have a satellite being diverted to get visual confirmation.

SGR: Let me know once the first data burst has been received.

Lt. Dhaxx: Yes, sir.

{exit scene stage left}

If only that was a reality…..there would be one SERIOUSLY large party at the Officer’s Club let me tell ya!!!

Which of course means that a retraction will be coming from the Hitlary camp any time now..


What’s the D.o.T. trying to hide??? 11 Mar 2008 @ 15:28

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World Net Daily reports in an article from yesterday, that it’s Senior Staff Writer Jerome Korsi was denied entrance to a supposedly public hearing concerning the Mexican truck issue.

WND and us both are asking, "What’s the DoT trying to hide???"

In a phone call to the DOT public affairs office, the agency explained it was requiring "press credentials" for admittance, and no one without them was allowed to participate.

The news conference was only for "credentialed members of the media," spokesman Bill Moseley told WND. "There’s a specific credential. He did not have a media credential."

Gosh, that sounds like the typical Inside-the-Beltway runaround if I ever saw it. I’m also guessing that since Jerome and WND have been reporting and criticizing the Mexican truck issue since finding out about the issue months ago. Especially considering the opinions expressed were critical of the Administration’s choice to ALLOW unpassed safety inspection Mexican trucks onto US highways. That wouldn’t have ANYTHING at all to do with the case would it????

And how can a reporter obtain such a credential providing permission to attend?

"I don’t know," Moseley responded.

Ahhh, the lovely "IDK excuse"….. No surprises here.

Leslie Miller, the Teamsters communications coordinator, also was dismayed WND had been prevented from hearing the DOT press conference.

"It’s an absolute outrage when the executive branch of the government tries to stifle free speech by selecting who it shares information with," Miller wrote WND in an e-mail.

"What are they afraid of? Are their arguments so weak they can only allow people they consider ‘friendly’ into their news conferences?" she asked.

Sure seems that way doesn’t it Leslie?

Time to raise a ruckus and get the DoT to explain their actions. Somebody has got some ‘splainin to do.


(UPDATED) You’ve been indicted 10 Mar 2008 @ 13:50

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He claimed he was going to end corruption in the New York state gubmint. He claimed he could continue that as Gubnir of New Yawrk.

Look like it’s just desserts time there Eliot. You can forget that lead role in "The Untouchables II"

Check this out, it seems Mr. Anti-Corruption has been linked to a prostitution ring.

Watch here for more news as this develops further.

UPDATE (1420 hours): Changed the post title from "You’re gonna be indicted" to "You’ve been indicted following this story on FOX News.

You’ve been hacked 5 Mar 2008 @ 17:04

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Ahhh, I bet you thought your Windows computer was safe from those meddling fingers by locking the desktop when you run to the water cooler, bathroom, or snack machine.

Think again!!

This article shows that doing just that is no longer a deterrent.

A security researcher has released an easy-to-use tool that accesses locked Windows computers in seconds without entering a password.

The tool, which was released Tuesday by Adam Boileau, works by connecting a Linux machine to the Firewire port of the target PC and modifying the password protection that’s stored in local memory.

Well that’s just the sort of news I needed to hear today……

Of course, the attack depends on having physical access to the targeted machine, and as most El Reg readers know, anyone who has physical control of the PC owns it. Then again, password protections have been a useful way to briefly secure a machine while a user runs to the bathroom. Until now. As Boileau’s tool makes clear, such protections can be bypassed in a matter of seconds.

And that’s supposed to reassure me??? Luckily though, all the computers in the Battle Staff War Room have the additional security layer which cannot be discussed in public. We could tell you, but then we’d have to send out those black, unmarked helicopters to "take care of things".

Guess the Tech Department is going to be busy for the next couple of weeks making sure the Firewire ports get locked out.