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They forced me to… 27 Sep 2008 @ 16:33

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Time to initiate a new category.

Well, seems the General here has got to enter the 21st century when it comes to staying in contact with the HQ and Battlestaff. Up until now, all I’ve ever used to stay in contact when I was off-base was your plain old simple cell phone. And for the most part I’ve stuck with Motorola RAZR phone for the past couple of years because of the big screen and small overall footprint.

But remember, your General is also a closet Linux fanboy. I still have a working Sharp ZAURUS SL-5500 that I tinker with every once and a while. Ahh, the good ol’ days of yore…….

So, when the HTC Dream was announced would use the Google Android mobile OS my interest perked up again. So much so, that today I cranked up my T-Mobile (yup, I use T-Mobile….when you get the kind of discount on the service I get, it was an easy decision) site and put my pre-order in for the G1 in lovely black. Yes, I’ve already read a bunch of the coverage on the G1, and yes I’m aware of the shortcomings the G1 has. but my opinion is that the things that the G1 is doing right is enough to outweigh the minor inconvenience of not having a headphone jack. Yes I know it also is missing Exchange/Outlook support by default, but I’m certain the developer community will have that shortcoming eliminated by the offical release date of October 22nd, prolly with a few days to spare!

As I said, to continue to populate the “Technobabble” category I’m going to post about the G1 and my thoughts about it as it arrives next month. I’ll also try to cover the apps that I’ll add to the phone to make my life easier as I transition to a “smartphone” and the needs I’ll have that the phone will meet (hopefully).

Stay tuned.


RIP: Paul Newman 1925 – 2008 27 Sep 2008 @ 12:37

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Another giant of the screen and film has passed. Paul Newman passed away today at his home in Westbury, Connecticut. Go here and here for further coverage.

Even though he was clearly liberal in his political dealings, between Steve McQueen and a select few others, Paul Newman defined “cool” in the movies. Not to mention, Paul was darn good as well inside a race car. It was said that he would adjust his filming schedule to ensure he could get as much time at the track as was possible. Not only was Paul a driver, but he also was a car/team owner once he couldn’t race anymore.

And doggonnit, he made a really decent line of salad dressings.

He will be missed.

Southern Command status update 19 Sep 2008 @ 21:16

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Most of you I’m sure have seen either pictures or video coverage of the devastation that occurred down here due to Hurricane Ike.

Well check out these pictures of the Texas Coast and elsewhere. Sobering in the least, trust me on this one! Yes, we realize it’s a snooty “Bawstun” newspaper website but it’s the pictures we were most impressed with.

Take note, image #11 is quite telling. Small tidbit of information about the house that is pictured. It was rebuilt after Hurricane Rita mowed through the neighborhood back in 2005. The reason it is still standing today is the fact that when it was rebuilt, it was specifically designed and constructed to withstand the wind and water effects of a Category 5 hurricane. I do believe more people will be looking into this once the reconstruction begins in earnest. I’m betting the architect is going to be a very busy person(s) for the next couple of years. Let alone the builder and contractors who put that gem together.

For now though, all is well here at the Southern Command. No buildings were damaged, all aircraft are present and accounted for and ready for combat sorties. Other than the loss of electricity (which was restored on this past Wednesday) and a very minor loss of foodstuffs we’re good to go.

And just as a shot across the libtards bow, Joey-boy Biden is totally farked in the head if he seriously thinks that “PATRIOTISM” should include paying more in taxes. Hey Joey-boy, you wanna do something REAL to get the economy back on the right track? How about you and all of your buddy donkheads vote to change your “retirement package” to where you’re all on the same one us little people have!!!! Or how about ya’ll start PAYING for the gas those limos and Suburbans guzzle down. Or pay for the jet fuel those G-V Gulfstreams ya’ll use to commit adultery or to go on those infamous “junkets”!!!

Let me guess, that would be too damn much for your audacity to stomach. Well keep it up, us little people will do our part to ensure that one day soon audacity is the only farking thing you’re gonna have to eat or drink!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and we’ll be sure to have Sarah-Cuda serve it up to ya….and then shove it down your damn throats!!!!!

GrabBag-a-rama, day 1 2 Sep 2008 @ 22:21

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Okay, to keep Spats happy and considering the fact that the post I’m currently working on isn’t really ready for consumption just yet, we bring you one from the Area5Xp Military Archives.

{start archive entry}

If you can possibly identify this, please contact Security Services.


{end archive entry}

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