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This just in 20 Nov 2008 @ 15:55

Posted by Supreme General Rayegun in : Politics , comments closed

Was over at WND (World Net Daily for the folks in Rio Linda) and the top article opens with this:

Supremes to review Barack’s citizenship
Case challenging his name on ballot set for ‘conference’

Anyone who is curious about the issue should read the article here.

Consider this your OTHER reading assignment for the day.

Go. Shoo.


FWIW 13 Nov 2008 @ 20:55

Posted by Supreme General Rayegun in : I'm callin' SHENANIGINS , comments closed

I sit here considering the comment that our illustrious co-scribe bestowed on us in the First Mutt post just a few lines down….when he said,

No, but it does clearly demonstrate the world’s IQ.

… got me to thinking.

SG RAYEGUN: Korrioth you say one damn thing and you AND your Klingonality are gonna find out how much FUN that painstick is when it’s connected to a warp drive generator!

Anways, what was I saying…oh yes, the world’s IQ.

Well, this is more along the line of AMERICA’S IQ. I’ll get to the world’s IQ in a later post.

That comment reminded me that I saw something that will sort of confirm that some Americans still know how to use their God given intelligence. I found this over at Rush’s site earlier this week. It’s the county-by-county map of how the voting went in the election eighth days ago.

You can check it out here.

As you can see, that map at least indicates SOME OF US understood what was at stake in the election.

The problem was, the mind-fucked robots in the population centers like Austin, Houston, Chicago, Las Vegas, and the coasts blindly followed their MSM programming and sent our country further down the path to socialistic communism.

Thanks a bunch ya farkheads! By the way, in case you missed it along the way it’s “USA” not “USSA“!!!

If only elections were decided by which candidate won the largest amount of square miles of the “Fruited Plains”. Alas much like money in our wallets over the next four years, that too is a dwindling pipedream.

We all know Al-Obambi is already striving to tear up the Constitution and use it to wipe his ass. Which means that next up will be the Bill of Rights. Al-Obambi has made clear his disdain for the Second Amendment, then again name ANY dictator who liked the thought of an armed populace… At least we can all comfort in this.

Your General needs to schedule his weapons refresher class before the end of the month! Then contribute my portion to the “boom” that Fox News article refers to. I would advise y’all to do the same.