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News from the South 14 Apr 2010 @ 06:00

Posted by Supreme General Rayegun in : Life in the Southern Command HQ , comments closed

I don’t know about the rest of ya’ll, but we here at the Southern Command have just spend the last few weeks trying to UNBURY the whole base from of all things…….

KORRIOTH: Tribbles?

SG RAYEGUN: No you knucklehead, not tribbles!

K’HADIBAK’H: The hangover of the century from Romulan Ale?

SG RAYEGUN: You wish, ya perpetual drunkard!

MERLIN: Taxes?

SG RAYEGUN: No, but I’ll get back to you on that one this Thursday AFTER I’ve mailed in my check.

No folks, quite literally the whole base has been buried either under a blanket of that lovely limon-yellow (yes, that was intentional) substance called oak pollen or the OTHER lovely discharge from the oak tree we here call “oak tag”. Word of advance, DO NOT attempt to wash the General’s official conveyance (or any vehicle for that matter) when either of the oak snot is being discharged. It’s just a waste of water.

We’re still kicking down here at the Southern Command. Mrs. General Rayegun is insisting that a larger portion of the base’s annual budget needs to be spent on “weapons of a strong defense” and given the carcinogenic eminations being spewn on the entire country from that Hell-hole called Washington D.C. there are some serious considerations being investigated by the base planners. As well as increasing the amount of personal protection both the Generalette and myself have made available to us. Poste haste no less.

Here are the random firings of the neurons for the day:


Only thing that’ll change is the desk nameplate 13 Apr 2010 @ 21:41

Posted by Supreme General Rayegun in : I'm callin' SHENANIGINS , comments closed

Big whoop, Andy Stearn is likely going to resign soon. The only thing that is going to change is the desk nameplate. He’s not going to be stopped at the White House gates, AAMOF I’m fairly certain he’s giving up the cushy union president job for something INSIDE 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And something less than 3 doors down from the Oval Office.

That or he’s going to join his buddy Van Jones over at the Soros Institute for Fundamentally Transforming America (into something that 76% of us DO NOT WANT), aka the Center for American Progress (no, I absolutely REFUSE to provide a link to that place so you’re just going to have to get there on your own). Progress, my fat, white arse. Turning MY America into a socialist democracy ain’t “progress” no matter how you measure it.

Cronyism…alive and well inside the federal government for the next 3 years. Or less, we can hope.