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Strike 1…..and 2 30 Jun 2010 @ 18:06

Posted by Supreme General Rayegun in : I'm callin' SHENANIGINS , comments closed

Apparently it really hasn’t been a good day to be a SCOTUS nominee. Unless you happen to be the rest of the country NOT sitting in front of the Senate confirmation panel. Take for instance this tidbit. Seems that the current SCOTUS wanna-be (like so many of the glow-bull warmining scientists) decided that the results of a partial-birth abortion ban study didn’t fit her (or the Progressive) agenda….so she just rewrote it to fit her needs. National Review has the details here. Or you can go here for another verison from the Houston Chronicle.

And then for Strike 2, we see here from Politico that Kagan believes that the government knows better than even each on of us when it comes to the food we put in our bodies. The hell they do!! When the government can’t get Fannie, Freddie, the Post Office, Amtrac, et al fiscally sound do you REALLY expect me to listen when they say that I can’t have my dead Angus slabs???????

One more strike and she’s gone.


SCOTUS takes 234 years to confirm Second Amendment 29 Jun 2010 @ 06:00

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While it took damn long enough to happen, happen it did. Today the Supreme Court confirmed the right each of us already knew and have known for 234 years, as Americans we DAMN SURE can own firearms for our self-defense. WND has the best coverage I found here.

In the 2008 Heller case, the court ruled that the 2nd Amendment’s right to be armed was an individual right, but that case pertained only to the District of Columbia. With today’s decision in the case brought by Otis McDonald of Chicago, the high court applied that definition to all the states as well.

“The right to keep and bear arms must be regarded as a substantive guarantee, not a prohibition that could be ignored so long as the States legislated in an evenhanded manner,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the majority.

Well I’ll be.

The problem I see in this is that the SCOTUS HAD to even take up this case in the first place. Clearly the progressives on BOTH sides of the ticket have derailed the Constitution enough that it takes a case like this to put the Second Amendment back where it belongs. It’s appalling what these self-righteous power whores and their willing accomplices in the lap-dog media and the “heavies” pulling enforcement via union thuggery have done to this country. They need to be thrown out the door.

I for one am glad that the SCOTUS did the right thing. This will hopefully keep us all from going “Da, comrad” anytime soon.