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Here we go AGAIN…… 29 Sep 2010 @ 06:00

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This one COULD almost fall into the black pot kettle category, but the progressives are so predictable even that category is getting redundant ad nauseum. Plus, I’m too lazy today to go back and find out where the counter was last at.

Anyways, most of the talking heads on the boob tube today have been squawking about this incident over in Austin this morning. Being that this happened at 0830-ish Central Time, the clearly predictable anti-Second Amendment crowd has most certainly clogged the telephone lines of every whack-job Congresscritter in DC that will listen to them with cries of “BAN GUNS”.

Yo, numbnuts….the AK-47 is already a banned weapon. Your laws they ain’t no workee so guud when a 19 year-old skull full of mush can not only parade the piece around a university campus but then also decides to take pot shots as well. Lucky for the locals, said skull of mush was a lousy shot. Or then again, maybe not. Said skull is now residing in the morgue thanks to a self-inflicted GSW.

So help me if there are new reports that come out in the nect week or so that state the reason said skull of mush went haywire is because mommie and daddy were going to vote for the TEA party candidate OR because junior lost his minimum wage job to a person of Jewish faith I will summarily start a full-blown RCOB while foaming at the mouth like Cujo.

Heck, I have to stop here before I have to get the emergency roll of duct tape to keep my head from exploding.

Southern Command update 26 Sep 2010 @ 21:15

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All, sorry for the absence but we here at the Southern Command are still in mourning and the base flag is at half-staff for the remainder of the month as we all but primarily the Generalette deals with the loss of her father just over a week ago. His passing did not come as a surprise, rather it was a welcome release to a worldly disease that has no known cure…Alzheimer’s. Actually that wasn’t the primary cause, a case of double pneumonia was.

Her father was 79 years young, yet carried the burden of Alzheimer’s for well over five years…not being able to speak for the last 18 months or so of his life. He was a Christian, and a devout one at that. From a Sunday School teacher to serving as a deacon until he was diagnosed with the disease. He is survived by his wife of 54 years, their three children (which includes the Generalette) as well as five grandchildren. God has welcomed a great man back home and now that man can celebrate along with all the other saints in Christ for the remainder of eternity.

Now, on to other Command business.

Folks, start doing your research on a bill that has been introduced to committee with the audacious name of the “Debt Free America Act”. Also known as HR-4646, the bill on the surface will attempt to do such things as eliminate the national individual income tax, refundable and nonrefundable personal tax credits, and even the alternative minimum tax and replace it with a “transaction tax”. The initial level is set at 1%.

But here’s where the nefarious progressive left take something that has the potential to correct things and turns it into something hideously evil. The bill also intends to “tax” ALL financial transactions from both you and I as individuals (things like deposits and withdrawals from checking and savings accounts, ATMs, everything) as well as corporate financial transactions. And, of course Congress can “adjust” the percentage as they see fit.

This bill has corruption written all over it. As if that isn’t a new concept coming out of the boys inside the DC beltway. Do your research folks, if your House rep is FOR this bill then if they are up for re-election it’s time they go find out what the job market is really like. This is one bill this country DOESN’T need.

Remembering and Honoring those who were lost … 11 Sep 2010 @ 08:27

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… on this day 9 years ago.

I’m not typically one for overt commercialism in a situation like this, but below is a video of a commercial that Budweiser aired only ONCE back when the tragedy happened. No words are spoken, just the Clydesdales, some music, and one powerful image at the end. See what you think.


And who is callin’ who a WHAT?? 10 Sep 2010 @ 13:05

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The Restoring Honor rally back on 8/28 was a perfect example of everything we are NOT that this nutcase says we are, while being an utterly convincing show of everything the progressives ARE.

Gov. Ted Strickland (D – Ohio) whigs out

Yet, they have the audacity to deny the whole shebang when the lapdog lame stream media trollops in.

Guess what governor, we’re not nearly as deaf, dumb, and blind as your pollsters, Rahm, and your clueless leaders are. Don’t believe me? Well we’ll just see who has a job after November.

To quote the Church Lady, “Now isn’t that just speeeehhh-shhhhuuuullllllll!”


Movie quotes trivia 8 Sep 2010 @ 20:47

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…Darth Venomous, white courtesy phone. Darth Venomous, white courtesy phone.

The red zone is for loading and unloading of passengers only. All unoccupied vehicles will be towed.

…Darth Venomous, white courtesy phone. Darth Venomous, white courtesy phone.

No, the WHITE courtesy phone.