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Job-swapping Emanuel may not get his end of the deal 25 Jan 2011 @ 20:37

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In case you missed it back on Monday, the Illinois Appeals Court ruled that Rahm Emanuel was ineligible to run for Chicago mayor because he did not meet the residency requirement. Now since then, the Illinois Supreme Court has spoken that his name can stay on the ballot until they make a final ruling.

What makes this funny to us here at the Southern Command is that Rahm was replaced in his former Chief of Staff position by the one of the Chicago Daley clan, Bill. With current mayor Dick Daley confirming that he was not going to run for a seventh term, Rahm figured he be a shoo-in…..especially if he got a Daley to take his place in the White House. Ipso facto, Chicago politics in action.

If this latest development holds up (let’s pray it does), and the IL Supreme’s state that the Appeals court got it right you can bet there’s going to be an “emergency” that Rahm will make sure he doesn’t miss. For now, we wait to see how the high court decides the matter.


Keithy-weefy calls for mommy 23 Jan 2011 @ 09:12

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So back on Friday, the news that Keithy-weefy Olberman has jumped shark and severed his contract with the illustrious (P)MSNBC. Just when things were going soooooo welll. Not.

Even the Associated Piss found out that (P)MSNBC and Keithy-weefy weren’t BFFs.

Keith Olbermann’s exit from MSNBC appeared abrupt to viewers of his show, but the TV news commentator and his network were involved “in a relationship that’s been failing for a long time,” an NBC Universal executive said Saturday.

Sounds like the execs at the network were tired of cleaning up the trash Keithy-weefy caused from all of his barking moonbat excrement.

Olbermann was nearly fired in November but instead was suspended for two days without pay for violating an NBC News policy by donating to the political campaigns of three Democratic candidates, including the congressional campaign of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. He returned and apologized to his fans, but not the network.

Gee, guess that kinda confirms that the execs decided they weren’t gonna play janitor no more.

I have a couple of theories on the the REAL reason Keithy-weefy is now finding himself in the unemployment line.

First, Keithy-weefy was SOOOOOOOOO sure he was getting the well-used leather chair over at the Communist News Network and fill the spot recently vacated by another old dude that when CNN announced that the spot was filled by Piers Morgan ol’ Keithy-weefy didn’t understand the irony that just bitchslapped him.

Second, and more probable IMHO, is that he knew The Onion was about to start up their news show this week and just could not bear the thought of giving them volumes of free material to work with that he had to get outta town before the last stagecoach departed. Yup, The Onion News Network is kicking off it’s cable show this Friday the 28th at 9pm ET on IFC.

Finally, all I gotta say is “BUH BYE Keithy-weefy.” That’s one less progressive screaming his mantra on the airwaves.


Abolish sanctuary cities and eminent domain land grabs 11 Jan 2011 @ 17:21

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Is coming from who???

Darth, I know you’re probably going to start your twitching (if you haven’t already)….so be warned.

None other than Texas governor Rick Perry, said so here.

Gov. Rick Perry has just designated two issues as emergencies for the Legislature: Abolishing sanctuary cities in Texas and protecting private property rights in eminent domain cases.

I see someone has been trying to clue in Mr. Governor about that “WE THE PEOPLE” tidbit that’s been going around for oh gee….something like 230+ years now. Darth, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is just a start and that it’s ONLY a start. About as obvious of a start as Korrioth’s bouldered and creviced forehead, wouldn’t you say???

KORRIOTH: You realize I’ve killed for much less than that General?

SG RAYEGUN: Really??? Gosh I never knew you were so tender-hearted and puppy-like Korrioth!!!!

KORRIOTH: … {Sorry folks, we’ve had to edit redact spin depoliticize Korrioth’s response. Once his reply has cleared our editors censors spinmeisters translators we’ll be sure to publicize it RSN mkay?!!}

Anyways…..if you take the time to read some of the comments that have been posted in the Statesman article you’ll get a good laugh at the progressives in and around Austin trying to bash each other. It’s really kind of funny.

Until you realize these people have nary a CLUE.

What is the old cliché? Ah yes, ignorance is bliss.

And that’s just what the progressives have been thinking WE THE PEOPLE are for the past hundred years or so. Ain’t it nice to build that brick wall and watch them ram right into it every time?


The way it SHOULD have gone down 8 Jan 2011 @ 12:08

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(h/t to Southern Command Senior Radar Technologist Lt. Marky Mark via FB)

The entire Battle Staff has been replaying this video for the past hour or so almost constantly. It’s getting funnier every time!!


First good laugh of the year 6 Jan 2011 @ 07:07

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This just in from the estate of Elizabeth Edwards:

“All of my furniture, furnishings, household goods, jewelry, china, silverware and personal effects and any automobiles owned by me at the time of my death, I give and bequeath to my children,” the will stated.

There was no mention of her husband in the five-page document.

You can bet the Breck Boy ain’t feelin’ the love no mo.

And while we’re on the subject of a good laugh, check out this video. It’ll give you Crackberry addicts a new perspective on your electronic leash.


Having a bad day, Nancy????? 5 Jan 2011 @ 17:58

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Gee, you’d think some one is having a bad day….. could this be evidence or maybe this video below is the cause of it all??

Yeah, I’m thinking the video has got her peeved pretty much.

Then again, this probably has got her fairly torqued off. (Note: be sure to check out Rep. Wasserman’s facial expression in the lead photo…gotta love it!)