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What is this????? 5 Jun 2011 @ 16:40

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Over the past 30 minutes or so, the Southern Command has experienced something rarely heard in these parts lately. Yes something so infrequent I had to get the R&D staff to scour the Intertubes to verify this phenomenon.

This what they discovered.

The following information was located at the Merriam Webster website and give us this result from their search engine:

noun \ˈthən-dər\
Definition of THUNDER
: the sound that follows a flash of lightning and is caused by sudden expansion of the air in the path of the electrical discharge

This search originated after several instances of said phenomenon occurred and so severely upset the force protection canines at the HQ Security Forces kennel that the kennel master got so worried he actually used the RED PHONE to contact the General. Upsetting indeed because the General was napping and DOES NOT take kindly to interruptions to his Sunday afternoon nap.

Since the R&D staff was already at work, I insisted they research any OTHER unusual occurrences that could follow said phenomenon and this is what they mutually agreed COULD follow the above mentioned:

noun, often attributive \ˈrān\
Definition of RAIN
a : water falling in drops condensed from vapor in the atmosphere
b : the descent of this water

If any further developments happen, be sure that we the staff of the Southern Command will promptly inform you. For now, you can return to your normal comings and goings.


Need more proof of media bias? 10 Oct 2008 @ 07:43

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I know, I know….old news, but still the question remains.

Yet it seems that bias isn’t the only thing that the Lame Stinkin’ Media is guilty of. You can add to that willing members of “that one” and his coverup squad.

I’ve always enjoyed World Net Daily. They are one place where the truth isn’t tossed aside like unrecyclable garbage. And they deliver again with this one.

I’ll echo the author on this one….

‘Why would networks deny viewers the facts?’

Yo, Missouri….can I get a quote from ya on this one?

Sorry, it was us…we did it 31 Jan 2008 @ 15:32

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Given that the Stephenville UFO story isn’t going away……I have been given permission by my superiors to make the following statement:

Sorry, it was us….we did it

The latest conjecture is that the Air Force and McDonnell Douglas’ "SkunkWorks" are flight testing the next generation replacement for the U-2 or even the next stealth bomber to replace the B-2. As noted in the article linked above, Trisha Choate from the Abilene Reporternews continues with this:

"For national security reasons, of course, they’re disinclined to tell us about it," said Michael Shermer, executive director of the Skeptics Society and editor of Skeptic magazine.

Yes, I am aware of the implications that the above statement is NOT earth-shattering news. But what is news is that a skeptic is ACTUALLY pointing out a known FACT.

Among the possibilities: The government is conducting a campaign of disinformation, spreading UFO stories to cover up the truth, which is out there.

Paging FBI Agent Mulder, Agent Fox Mulder. White Courtesy phone.

In an about-face, the military said 10 F-16s from the 301st Fighter Wing at Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base were on a training mission Jan. 8 in an area including Erath County.

Maj. Carl Lewis, a fighter wing spokesman, said it was just a mistake when he first told reporters the base had no planes in the sky that day.

I will say this one more time.

Sorry, it was us…we did it.


Firefox users listen up 24 Jan 2008 @ 16:18

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Just when you thought it was safe to troll in the WWW waters with Firefox, comes this article on TechRepublic about a new flaw that has the potential to cause problems reminiscent of IE.

Window Snyder, Mozilla’s chief of security confirmed a data leak vulnerability in Firefox’s directory traversal mechanism. The flaw has been graded as a low-risker and was brought to light as a proof of concept.

Wait, what?? (and Mozilla’s main security guru has a first name of &quotWindow"??????)

When a “flat” add-on is present, an extension which stores its information within Javascript files as opposed to .jar files, an attacker exploiting this flaw may be able to retrieve data or profile a compromised system. Extensions such as Greasemonkey and Download Statusbar may be affected.

Sounds rather IE-ish to me. At least they say it’s a low risk flaw…..

Check the TechRepublic article for links to the full report.

Return radar screens to normal scanning mode.