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Excuse my personal geekfest 22 May 2011 @ 20:40

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Browsing through my collection of Intertubes favorites, I came across this article on Engadget.

Here’s just the splashy numbers:

There are SSDs and then there are SSDs — the Texas Memory Systems (TMS) RamSan-70 is definitely the latter, packing 900GB of high-speed SLC NAND flash onto a single half-length PCIe card. Boasting an incredible 2GB-per-second sustained external throughput, this near-terabyte solid state drive is clearly overkill for most of us, considering that it’s guaranteed to have a sky-high price (once details are released). Instead, the “900GB Gorilla,” as it’s come to be known around TMS HQ, is destined for high-end servers — though we certainly wouldn’t object to clearing out a slot in our desktop, if by some miracle we can afford this monster when it starts shipping in four to eight weeks.

Oh. Emm. Gee!!!!

The manufacturer lovingly calls it the “900GB Gorilla”. Although pricing will clearly put it out of the range of basically everything except the high-end server market….it would be seriously SUH-WEEET in a desktop case near the Command Bunker. Guess the General is going to need to put in the Purchase Order Request later this summer when this gem is available on the market.


Covering your tracks could be harder with SSDs 23 Feb 2011 @ 07:29

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For all you solid-state drive users out there, pay attention to this article from Lifehacker.com.

Researchers at UC San Diego found that the normal methods we use to securely wipe magnetic drives aren’t as useful on solid-state drives. After testing twelve SSDs, they found that only four were securely erased with whole-drive erasure methods. Trying to securely wipe a single file was even less successful, and more often than not a good portion of the file was recoverable.

Hmmm, better make sure the Department of Archives adds this information to their SOPs. Wouldn’t want the dumpster divers to get any critical information from our used SSDs.

And while you’re perusing the site, you’ll also find this article that confirms that Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 for Windows 7. Guess the intertubes are going to be running a littler slower today.


Friday head-scratcher 26 Jun 2009 @ 07:56

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Had to lighten things up a little for Friday. Between triple-digit temps here and the humidity creeping upwards, it’s been a draining week. So here’s something from the lighter side of life.

Check out after the fold.

Look closely at the pictures below. Then continue reading after.

Yes, this is real

Yes, this is real

No really, this is an actual image

No really, this is an actual image

We are not joking here!

We are not joking here!

These images were captured from a city located in India. Yes India, that country where a lot of our American companies outsource their Help Desks to. Answers that annoying question of why your call got disconnected or why the call sounds like your talking into a tin can now doesn’t it.

Try not to laugh too hard….


They forced me to… 27 Sep 2008 @ 16:33

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Time to initiate a new category.

Well, seems the General here has got to enter the 21st century when it comes to staying in contact with the HQ and Battlestaff. Up until now, all I’ve ever used to stay in contact when I was off-base was your plain old simple cell phone. And for the most part I’ve stuck with Motorola RAZR phone for the past couple of years because of the big screen and small overall footprint.

But remember, your General is also a closet Linux fanboy. I still have a working Sharp ZAURUS SL-5500 that I tinker with every once and a while. Ahh, the good ol’ days of yore…….

So, when the HTC Dream was announced would use the Google Android mobile OS my interest perked up again. So much so, that today I cranked up my T-Mobile (yup, I use T-Mobile….when you get the kind of discount on the service I get, it was an easy decision) site and put my pre-order in for the G1 in lovely black. Yes, I’ve already read a bunch of the coverage on the G1, and yes I’m aware of the shortcomings the G1 has. but my opinion is that the things that the G1 is doing right is enough to outweigh the minor inconvenience of not having a headphone jack. Yes I know it also is missing Exchange/Outlook support by default, but I’m certain the developer community will have that shortcoming eliminated by the offical release date of October 22nd, prolly with a few days to spare!

As I said, to continue to populate the “Technobabble” category I’m going to post about the G1 and my thoughts about it as it arrives next month. I’ll also try to cover the apps that I’ll add to the phone to make my life easier as I transition to a “smartphone” and the needs I’ll have that the phone will meet (hopefully).

Stay tuned.


Steampunk this ain’t 6 Aug 2008 @ 21:20

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Steampunk replicas are fine, for some people.

For others only a full-scale, almost 100% working replica built in a garage will do.

Check this gear-geek project out.

I’d give this guy a “12” on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being hawt).

April Fool’s joke no more 5 Apr 2008 @ 15:58

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Anyone in the blogosphere knows the name ThinkGeek The online retail outlet for just about anything a geek would want…..in their home, their cube, and to wear in order to demonstrate to the world your true geekdom status.

Well, this year ThinkGeek back on April 1st they decided to list a wearable t-shirt that "would play sound effects or a short clip of various types of background music. All controlled via a remote you had in your pocket". Well, since SOOOOOO many people actually bought into the joke, TG is gonna do the right thing and ACTUALLY make the t-shirt.

Here’s the TG response, in it’s entirety:

Looks like we’re the fools here. The Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt was originally an April Fool’s Prank… but due to overwhelming positive response and hundreds of e-mails screaming to "make the damn shirt already" we’re putting this item in to production ASAP. Keep in mind our army of robotic factory monkeys are a bit slow, and it might take them some time to make the real version of this nifty product. Also although we’ll try to keep the Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt as close as possible to what you see here, the final version might deviate slightly in appearance, features or price. Capiche?

The guys in the R&D department are practically drooling over this prospect. Guess your General is going to have to get on the mailing list.


A Sci-Fi legend has… 18 Mar 2008 @ 15:49

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…passed into the etherium.

News has reached the base that Sci-Fi genius and legendary novelist Arthur C. Clarke has died, at the age of 90. This news will certainly cause fits for all Hal 9000 mainframe units, especially those installed in interplanetary spacecraft designed primarily to remain within our Solar System.

Jim and Dave could not be reached for comment, but it was rumored that Clarke’s last words were "My God, it’s full of stars!"

We here at the base will certainly mourn this loss, and the Science section as well as the R&D folks have asked for a pass to attend the funeral in Sri Lanka. Given the current security status, they might have to settle for a CCTV feed.


You’ve been hacked 5 Mar 2008 @ 17:04

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Ahhh, I bet you thought your Windows computer was safe from those meddling fingers by locking the desktop when you run to the water cooler, bathroom, or snack machine.

Think again!!

This article shows that doing just that is no longer a deterrent.

A security researcher has released an easy-to-use tool that accesses locked Windows computers in seconds without entering a password.

The tool, which was released Tuesday by Adam Boileau, works by connecting a Linux machine to the Firewire port of the target PC and modifying the password protection that’s stored in local memory.

Well that’s just the sort of news I needed to hear today……

Of course, the attack depends on having physical access to the targeted machine, and as most El Reg readers know, anyone who has physical control of the PC owns it. Then again, password protections have been a useful way to briefly secure a machine while a user runs to the bathroom. Until now. As Boileau’s tool makes clear, such protections can be bypassed in a matter of seconds.

And that’s supposed to reassure me??? Luckily though, all the computers in the Battle Staff War Room have the additional security layer which cannot be discussed in public. We could tell you, but then we’d have to send out those black, unmarked helicopters to "take care of things".

Guess the Tech Department is going to be busy for the next couple of weeks making sure the Firewire ports get locked out.


China wants WHAT???? 21 Feb 2008 @ 13:21

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Seems China wants the data from our little satellite shootdown last night. Beijing is apparently itching to get the data from the shootdown.

Here’s our interpretation of what the JCS will recommend the State Department responds with:

Suck it you Communist wankers!

But hey, I might be speaking out of turn.   NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"China is continuously following closely the possible harm caused by the U.S. action to outer space security and relevant countries," spokesman Liu Jianchao said at a regularly scheduled news conference.

"China requests the U.S. … provide to the international community necessary information and relevant data in a timely and prompt way," Liu said.

Ummm, can you also say "Hell no" resoundingly? We thought you could.

China’s objections signal its skepticism over whether the satellite downing was truly necessary and unease over apparent U.S. mastery of a key military technology that Beijing is also pursuing. They also appear aimed at turning the tables on U.S. criticism of Beijing’s own shootdown of a defunct Chinese satellite last year.

No. China’s objections to the shootdown really is that we beat them to the successful proof of concept and the real-world situational proof the system works. Do they REALLY think the world should bow to their Communist Overlords just because they’re hosting the Olympics this year?

Hey Beijing, your policies on military superiority suck, your policies on treatment of your citizenry are total shiat, and…….NEENER NEENER NEENER, we beat you to the punch!!!

Better go back and re-read "The Art of War" one more time.

Oh nevermind, it won’t help anyway.


Say it ain’t so Sam…. 19 Feb 2008 @ 15:53

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OMG, it seems somebody has finally been bitten by the "obviousiti opportinus" bug over at the International Telecommunication Union. In an article from today from Breitbart, they finally get around to inferring that the cuts to the undersea cables providing Internet service to the mid-east

…could have been an act of sabotage

NHO WHAI???!?!?!?!?!?

So this is where all of our U.N dues are going to…….

Considering that most of us had that figured out within 24 hours of each of the four incidents where ships COULD NOT have been involved, the fact that it took the ITU nearly a MONTH to disclose this little piece of "trivia".

Guess it’s time to send out a Predator squadron to escort a "Clue Bus" over to the U.N building so those folks from the ITU can get on board.

StandBy&#153, cause I know Dismissed&#153 ain’t in order just yet for this one.