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Southern Command update 31 Jul 2010 @ 19:44

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Well, from the overwhelming amount of mail in the Command Center’s mail bag it would seem that really no one noticed my absence. It was just a few days and all. Even celebrated something of a milestone for the General. An anniversary even!

Yup, back on July 25th the Generalette and I were sweating (and you thought it was hot in the shade up there Venomous???) our way around EPCOT. We tried to keep to the shade and indoors as much as possible, even went so far as to catch the early magic hours in the park and come back to the hotel for a few hours of rest then return to World Showcase. We made a stopover in Morocco at the Restaurant Marrakesh for the anniversary dinner. Afterwords, we finished the day off with the Illuminations: Reflections of Earth fireworks and lasers extravaganza that Disney does so well.

But alas, the vacation ended and the real world beckoned. So here we are, your General is back in the command chair (aka Lazyboy recliner) and the Generalette is preparing to return to filling the young skulls full of mush with new mush. She’ll be returning not to fill Third Grade skulls, but rather Fifth Grade skulls this year. She’s not really pleased, so the command staff has been on pins and needles since our return from Florida. Hopefully I can keep enough chocolate in the house and I’ve put strict orders in at the commissary that they are not to allow the stock levels to drop AT ALL.

Other than a triple digit temps weekend here at the Southern Command, all is well.


A day of infamy, part 68 7 Dec 2009 @ 05:43

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I know all of you are patently aware of what today is. You also know it was Mitsuo Fuchida who took off from the aircraft carrier Akagi that lead the Japanese forces on that surprise attack.

But did you know this?

Neither did I, until this morning.

To all those who gave their lives on December 7, 1941, and to those that survived the day yet have since gone on to see the Lord….we thank you for your service. For the families that still remember each year on this day what happened, please remember that God’s grace surpasses all understanding and take comfort in that fact.