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The immaculation continues… 21 Jan 2009 @ 18:24

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For those that haven’t turned on the TV or haven’t looked at the news websites (which around here means exactly no one since Darth and I are aware of how up-to-date all 3 of you are on current events)….Hitlary was confirmed as Slutkitary of State-less earlier today by a 94-2 vote. After reading this article though, it seems there are still some unanswered questions.

While there is some slightly minor redeeming value that Cornyn was holding up the proceedings…..he was NOT one of the two to vote against the confirmation. That was left to Republican senators Jim DeMint of SC and David Vitter of LA, as confirmed by RollCall in this article……my question is — who were the senators that abstained or were not present to vote (aside from Herr Chappaquiddick)?

Another thing that the RollCall article mentioned, and that I found VERY interesting was this:

In a strongly worded floor speech, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the 2008 GOP presidential nominee, demanded support for Clinton’s installment. Soon after his remarks, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said he “enthusiastically” supported her.


Rush nailed it pretty well when he said this on today’s show:

… But I have learned from this, I have learned from the past 24 hours, Mr. Snerdley, I understand what it’s all about now. I am the Last Man Standing, ladies and gentlemen, with all of you, too, but I’m talking about it in terms of national figure. There’s nobody in the Republican Party, there is no elected Republican Party leadership. I’m it. I am the one resisting the tug of popular sentiment. The whole country — well, not the whole country, but a good portion of the whole country has checked their brains at the door. They have just gotten caught up in this wave of popular sentiment. Newt Gingrich is caught up in it, Tom Coburn is caught up in it, the entire Republican Party, except maybe John Cornyn and Jeff Sessions, are caught up in it. Kay Bailey Hutchison running for Texas in 2010, she’s not caught up in it, but most of the conservative media totally caught up in the tug of popular sentiment.

Okay, so there’s gonna be some argument about that last part…..but for the most part he’s right.

Hope y’all are stockpiling (or have been for some time now), cause it’s gonna get ugly fast folks.


She did what????? 12 Mar 2008 @ 23:02

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Someone please tell me that what I’m reading is true?

Cause I swear I’m suffering from a Fred Sanford-sized case of apoplexy!

Here’s why.

D@mn, seeing that Breitbart is also reporting it here, it must have an ounce of truth.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton did something Wednesday night that she almost never does. She apologized.

Someone go check the thermometer downstairs in Hell cause I’m betting they’re having a good case of global COOLING on the magnitude of something Minot, North Dakota would only dream of wishing on a Cannuckian.

Anyone who has followed my husband’s public life or my public life know very well where we have stood and what we have stood for and who we have stood with…

Wow, there are so many different places I can go with this quote isn’t just too much for one person to imagine.

{cut to the General’s office}

Lt. Kira Dhaxx (the General’s executive Operations officer): General, the Weather Squadron has reported that Hell has officially frozen over……..completely.

SGR: Yes, ell-tee I was just looking at that alert on my screen.

Lt. Dhaxx: Your orders sir?

SGR: Put in a call and see if they want any snow cone flavors shipped in….at a 500% mark up?

Lt. Dhaxx: Yes sir, that would be the Ferengi thing to do.

SGR: I realize that Lieutenant, but this is about making sure Hitlary gets a good dose of her own medicine. Has it been confirmed that Der Kaizer von Slickmeister was also part of the entourage?

Lt. Dhaxx: Not yet sir, but we have a satellite being diverted to get visual confirmation.

SGR: Let me know once the first data burst has been received.

Lt. Dhaxx: Yes, sir.

{exit scene stage left}

If only that was a reality…..there would be one SERIOUSLY large party at the Officer’s Club let me tell ya!!!

Which of course means that a retraction will be coming from the Hitlary camp any time now..