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Who is Gerald Walpin? 17 Jun 2009 @ 11:31

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Not got a lot of time to write an extensive post, but this is a HOT one!

If you don’t follow Glenn Beck, happen to frequent the Washington Examiner, or don’t really care for articles by Byron York….you’re likely to have missed this one. Of course, our unbiased, non-judgmental, non-agenda seeking Lame Stream Lapdog Sleazedia will never catch on to this issue. Even if they could win a Pulitzer for reporting it.

Folks, this one stinks more than a Arkansas turkey farm in August…or even more than Congress giving themselves a raise when the economy is in the tank and those same people are saying “cut costs”.

Pay attention to this one, cause this one has the potential to put Al-Obambi out of office. Maybe even out of the country….well, we can “Hope” for that sort of “Change” now can’t we???

Need more proof of media bias? 10 Oct 2008 @ 07:43

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I know, I know….old news, but still the question remains.

Yet it seems that bias isn’t the only thing that the Lame Stinkin’ Media is guilty of. You can add to that willing members of “that one” and his coverup squad.

I’ve always enjoyed World Net Daily. They are one place where the truth isn’t tossed aside like unrecyclable garbage. And they deliver again with this one.

I’ll echo the author on this one….

‘Why would networks deny viewers the facts?’

Yo, Missouri….can I get a quote from ya on this one?