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Check your mouth at the door 5 Feb 2008 @ 17:09

Posted by Supreme General Rayegun in : Politics , comments closed

It seems that John McScamnesty needs to check his mouth at the door. In this article from NewsMax, he wants us to really, really, really believe he’s a true conservative. The McShamnesty has an ad running today where the announcer says:

"If we can’t trust Mitt Romney on Ronald Reagan, how can we trust him to lead America?"

If we can’t trust McShamnesty to he honest about anything, how can we trust him to lead the GOP and the country???

The simple answer is…..we can’t.

The dispute between McCain and Romney is important because both are vulnerable on the question of how conservative they really are.

No disputes here….neither of them are conservative enough to actually be considered as a "conservative candidate". If you believe they are, I’ve got some PRIME coastal beachfront property in Idaho to sell you!  CHEAP!

Many conservatives in the GOP base don’t trust McCain, and some like-minded talk show pundits insist he would destroy the party if he becomes the nominee.

Folks like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity….not to name drop or anything.

Yes, we here at the base realize that Sen. McScamnesty was a former military person as well as a former P.O.W. We are grateful and appreciative of his service to this country, but that being said he is just not the right person for the GOP nomination. Need we remind you of little things like McScamnesty-Feingold, McScamnesty-Kennedy, et al ad nauseaum. 


New Poll available 4 Feb 2008 @ 11:06

Posted by Supreme General Rayegun in : Housekeeping , comments closed

The Department of Redundancy Department would like to get some data for some obscurely redundant tests they are performing (again), so they have asked to have the latest poll posted for you to cast your ballot for.